Thursday, October 20, 2011

Amuse-Yeux (updated)

A conversation between myself and my buddy Storm:

Me - "Hey, want to go see Paranormal Activity 3?"

Storm - "Well, that depends. Are you going to scream uncontrollably and throw punches everytime something even remotely scary happens, like when I took you to see Paranormal Activity 2?"

Me - "Um... probably."

Storm - "Because remember how you almost kicked that one lady in the head? Honestly, dude, everyone sitting in front of us was more afraid of you than they were of the film."

Me - "I can pretty much guarantee more screaming and kicking."

Storm - "I mean, hey, no offense, but you're an absolute shitshow during horror movies."

Me - "I agree. And I completely understand if you don't want to go with me."

Storm - "Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world."

If anything, I'm glad to know I keep my friends entertained.

ETA: Storm shrieked like a little girl the entire time, while I only had to hide behind him twice. Who's more butch? Yeah, that's right, I'm more butch. Testify. (snap snap)


Veles said...

We're seeing it tonight too. I will kick someone in the head and consecrate it in your honor. :)

W/V: Evowers, which is short for "evil powers."

Brother Christopher said...

I saw the first one. In the last minute of the first paranormal activity, any sequels of it were ruined for me forever. The previews of this one lower my expectations even more.

Have fun and I wish someone could videotape this and post it for widespread amusement

The ocelot said...

ME: Mental note - go see horror movies with Evn.

HUB 1: Just sit one seat over.

ME: Hell no, we'll be clinging to each other like orphaned spider monkeys.

Bo said...


knottybynature said...

I'm not allowed to watch horror movies. Because it reduces my sleep to nil. Just sayin'.