Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Tasty Chaser of Rusty Nails

I don't think I've ever had as much fun shopping as when a dear friend took me on a tour of Salem last year. In one boutique, we came across these cute little handcrafted witch bottles, and I snatched up a pile of them to bring back to the Co-Witches. Mine ultimately ended up on a shelf in my dining room, nestled between my geomancy books and a statue of Thoth, where it sits to this day.

On a metaphysical level, a witch bottle basically acts as a sponge, absorbing any harmful spells or curses directed at its owner. According to the charmingly Medieval brochure that came with the product, "Witch bottles have been discovered in the walls and chimneys of old European houses for centuries. These bottles were placed in the houses for the protection against Dark Magick, and Evil or Mischievous Spirits." Then, in ominous bold italics: "If the witch bottle is ever opened, everything that has been trapped inside will escape, with much mischief, and the magick will be spent."

Last night, I dreamt that I drank my witch bottle. As in, I popped out the cork, poured in some water, shook it vigorously and slammed it like three fingers of whiskey.

I woke up nonplussed.

Although I've never seen this particular doo-dad as anything more than a kitchy souvenir, the idea of ingesting the contents of a witch bottle is unsettling at best, if not flat-out toxic, which makes me wonder why my subconscious came up with the image.  From an occult perspective... well, perhaps it's time to deal with some of the unsavory and/or malicious influences in my life, absorbing and transforming those currents to strengthen myself instead of letting myself get beat down by them. On the other hand, this could very possibly be my liver trying to telling me I really, really need to cut back on the 5-Hour Energy Shots.


Brother Christopher said...

or perhaps both

Evn said...


Thalia said...

Mmmmm, rusty nails. Got bunches of those damned things, still. It's like my entire freakin' house is a witch bottle. I wonder what the magical effects and consequences of my father's hoarding are?

Though aren't proper witch bottles supposed to be filled with urine also? Though when I've made them (on purpose I mean) I omitted that bit, thanks.

Mrs BC said...

I was thinking 'time to face your demons' sorta...
I dreamed last night that my teeth had rotted, they looked disgusting. (In reality I have spent a fortune on veneers!) The other day I found a mice nest complete with 5 mummified husks of tiny baby mice so I'm thinking that money troubles are on the way :(. Thinking up a ritual..

Mrs BC

Siobhan said...

I would say you are doing something toxic to yourself, and this is a warning. Could be the 5-hour energy, but I'd bet on something more emotional/spiritual. Actually, I'd bet on a toxic relationship that you are insistent on absorbing/controlling rather than letting go and letting the universe handle the other problems.

But my dreams talk to me a LOT. Blood sweat and tears... ok, not so much actual blood, but real sweat and tears... have helped me to interpret them for ME. And this is what it would mean to me if I had a dream like this.

But I am so not ruling out 5-hour energy drinks.