Sunday, January 23, 2011

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

I was getting ready to go out Friday night when Sphinx called:

Sphinx - "Hi, Evn! Chase and I are on our way over."

Me - "Aren't we supposed to meet at Matthew's?"

Sphinx - "We were, but his monkey escaped."

Me - "Oh, in that case wait what?"

Sphinx - (matter-of-factly) "His monkey escaped."

Me - "I was... unaware that Matthew has a monkey."

Sphinx - "He does. But the monkey somehow let itself out of its enclosure and got a little rambunctious and then apparently cut its arm on something. Matthew's on his way to a 24-hour emergency veterinary clinic, so Chase and I decided to just hang out at your place."

Me - "Matthew seriously has a monkey?"

Sphinx - "See you in a few minutes!"

Me - "A monkey?"

Matthew called a couple of hours later to let us know that the monkey was resting comfortably and recovering quickly. Any relief I might have felt aside, I obviously don't know my friends as well as I think I do.


Anonymous said...

Is it by chance a Flying Monkey?

((Cue music from Wizard of Oz))

Evn said...

Oooh, if only.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Isn't "monkey" usually a euphemism?

Evn said...

@Debra: Y'know, it usually is. And until I realized there was an actual monkey involved, I pretty much thought that the friend in question had gotten lucky, and as such had banned the rest of us from his apartment.

Alas, actual monkey.

Red Delicious said...

And if I had a million dollars, I'd buy your love...

My word verification, "sceptabl." As in, "The rural Alaskan schoolmarm found Trig's poor spelling skills 'sceptabl, and let him graduate to the 11th grade."

Thalia said...

Oh, with a Y. Two E's and you'da had me. I mean so long as it was Mike.

zemkat said...

Did you get my thing about how the cat broke into my house last night and pissed on the couch?

Ancasta said...

Dear Evn,

I missed you in the span between January 9 and 23, you blog is great, it makes me giggle -- and my non-magical friends love it too, even if they don't always understand the references.

Also, I have a mental image of a monkey wearing a fez in my head now. Thanks.

Love, Liz (a.k.a. Ancasta)

knottybynature said...

If I have to be in Houston for a few weeks, I'm haunting your FB in the hopes that there's some pagan gathering in the works you're headed to. You. Crack. Me. Up. :)

Anne Johnson said...

Lucky fella. He could have a parrot.

Anonymous said...

What sort of monkey was it? I know it's probably some sort of minimonkey, but I got a picture in my head of a big orangutang breaking out and smashing cars... XD