Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Comparative Bachelorhood

As a single, gay man living alone in a big city, sometimes I worry that I don't take very good care of myself; that I drink too much; that I don't eat enough healthy food; that I'm a self-serving slob whose existence causes problems for other people.

But fortunately (and ironically), today is Garbage Day.

My apartment complex offers complimentary, door-to-door trash pick-up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Here's what I usually leave out:

And here's what my single, straight neighbor usually leaves out:

I'm probably doing better than I think I am.


Brother Christopher said...

oh yeah, I think you might just be ahead of the game in that department.

Veles said...

I've stayed with you for days at a time. You're definitely not a slob.

w/v: bellydr

Which I think should replace "Husbear" in certain social circles.

Vilges Suola said...

I'm gay and I produce five times more than your straight neighbour. Mostly bottles. Sometimes I think it looks like I'm running a restaurant.

Praxidike said...

It looks like a lot of your neighbor's stuff is recyclables. Do you guys have recycling? Is it seperate from where the trash goes? In my building they go to different areas. I notice that lots of my neighbors throw away tons of stuff that should be seperated out into the recycling bins. Here in Seattle, if you throw recyclables into the garbage, you get charged extra. That being said, it looks like your neighbor consumes a fair amount of crap!

Pallas Renatus said...

Hah, perhaps not.

And I'm with Praxidike on this one, the sheer amount of metal in that pile is making me rage.

knottybynature said...

Completely. And I find it amusing you're posting pictures of your neighbor's garbage on the internet. He, however, may not find it funny if he ever sees it. :D

Anonymous said...

When I'm at my boyfriend's place and we clean the 80 square apartement he shares with two friends, we usually fill a whole container.

*sidenote: Used Google translate to translate "Flammable Garbage" from my language and it translated it as Combustible Garbage.. XD