Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If my eyebrow doesn't stop twitching, I'm going to kill everyone.

Okay, so the title of this post is a little... um, psychopathic?  But I'm way behind on sleep, and my right eyebrow twitches whenever I'm exhausted.

And the twitching annoys the fuck out of me.  And chronic annoyance sends me to a place where I probably shouldn't be allowed to do grown-up things like drive through Houston traffic or speak.

More Strife soon. Promise. After sleep.


Veles said...

I solemnly swear to use my Muse-powers for good, this one time, and Muse you to sleep. ;)

Get rested buddy.

Word Verification: Falloyer - which is what Evn needs to do to his bed and go night-night!

Anonymous said...

Go to sleep, Evn. I mean I would kinds of like to hear the stories of what troubles you get into but... no I don't want anyone to get hurt. Go to sleep...

Anonymous said...

Dread Lord,

The acolytes and minions have noticed the twitching. While I of course personally regret the inconvenience to Yourself, it has led to a 15% efficiency increase in Snark production on their part!

In Your Service,
Pax, Chief Priest to The Angel of Snarkness