Friday, February 11, 2011

Today in Corporate Chutzpah

I ran out of soap this morning. As such, after work, I stopped by a nearby drugstore to buy more.

The side note here is that it's winter, which means it's cold, which means my skin's all dried out and itchy. So I wanted something moisturizing and exfoliating. Found a reasonably priced bar of oatmeal soap, with NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS printed boldly across the package.

Intrigued, I turned the box over to read the ingredients.

The main ingredient was tallow.

So... cruelty-free rendered beef fat? We don't test our animals on other animals?

This has been Today in Corporate Chutzpah.


Mrs. Drinkwalter said...

Another cute idea is describing sugar as "evaporated cane juice."

Brother Christopher said...

that is beyond hilarious.

There is a difference between evaportaed cane juice and refined sugar you know

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You have to watch those corporate bastards like a hawk.

Veles said...

Did they run out of placenta bars? I'll bring some. :P

Deborah said...

Kind of, if my skin is itchy and reacting to everything, I would want it tested on animals. As opposed to, you know, me. Someone should test this shit on skin that isn't mine.

hylie random said...

Curse you sodium tallowate!

BTW...Africa's Best hair oil is like, 2$ a bottle, the only thing artificial in it is the scent, it's plant-based, and really good for your skin.

I actually use a blend of whatever shampoo I've got and baking soda to exfoliate, shower off, then use about a teaspoon of Africa's Best and two dashes of rosemary oil to moisturize when I get dead skin going.

Alternately, you can use coconut oil, but do keep it in the fridge, tightly capped-it'll go rancid. You make it liquid by rubbing it in your hands.

Siobhan said...

vitamin E oil also works, but really, Dove body wash, whichever sounds the most moisturizing to me that day (super-moisture, ultra-moisture, careful-or-you'll-drown-moisture) usually works fine.