Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Trivia Solutions - We Want Lips!

Still even more trivia: The voice belongs to Richard O'Brien (Riff Raff), but the iconic lips belong to Patricia Quinn (Magenta).

Now let's have a sing-along, shall we?


Livia Indica said...

At the midnight, double feature picture show. I wanna go!!

I never got to do the Rocky Horror party thingie in a theater. I always wanted to throw toilet paper and squirt water out of a little plastic gun and yell "bitch" at the screen and all of that. But somehow I never got around to it. But it's nice to do it at home with a few friends!

This comment brought to you by the verification word "patoo".

k. sequoia said...

I've stumbled upon your blog and have found a treasure!

(Oddly, on a day when I was reminiscing over my lust for Frank N Furter, as a young 12 year old on acid. Good Times!)

Kim Sequoia
who simply MUST add you to my blog roll!

Evn said...

Kim, thanks so much! I've never been added to a Feri blogroll before. I feel very arrived right now.

knottybynature said...


I listen to that soundtrack on the way to work sometimes.

I get really odd looks when I open the door and the words "sweet transvestite" come pouring through the speakers....

WV: hursea - tall, four-legged creature with a tail.