Friday, November 06, 2009

Quote o' the Moment - Point of Balance

"Traditional Witches often put down Wiccans as 'Fluffy Bunnies' because they are generally more inclined to lighter, gentler practices, but Wicca is a tradition as valid as any passed on within a family for generations, and Gardner himself showed evidence of tapping the bone when he wrought his Wicca out of the pieces he was given by his initiators. Likewise, Wiccans often put down Traditional Witches as being dark, even demonic, when the truth is that we all come out of the darkness, and the point of balance is where there is greatest power and beauty."

-Peter Paddon


Pitch313 said...

Sometimes I wonder why so many adherents of so many different spiritualities worry so much about the other adherents' relationship with deities and powers. And not so much about their own.

Relationships and understandings do change, after all. "Fluffy" can get "spiky." Dark" can get "light."

Evn said...

"Fluffy" can get "spiky."

Oooh, well said. I'm totally stealing this.

knottybynature said...

American Wicca is unrealistic.

Like the idea of wolves. Wolves are cool. They're stoic, they make ah, interesting cheap art. But they're wolves. They're going to rip the innards out of a bunny. They're not playthings. Oh yeah, and things kill things to survive. Plain and simple.

I think the distortion is brought about by people trying to retain prior religious teachings. Honestly.