Monday, July 13, 2009

What I'll be wearing on Pagan Pride Day

(Photo courtesy of Amphoria Apparel.)


Siobhan said...


I do not get it. I has the dumbs.

Evn said...

It's the Periodic Table of the Elements, with only Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Aether (Spirit) listed.


Siobhan said...

Did you know that if you click on the picture, it becomes big enough that one could see that without asking for an explanation?

Did I mention I recently had spinal surgery and am still on percoset?

I has the VERY dumbs.

I also has the wants -- for that t-shirt.

The nest thing about getting spinal surgery -- your friends send you the "Bacon is a vegetable" t-shirt that you REALLY wanted but couldn't justify buying.

Evn said...

Eeek, spinal surgery! I hope you're doing better. Enjoy the Percoset while it lasts--I threw out my back over the weekend, and all I got was Skelaxin.

I have a "Bacon is a Vegetable" bumper sticker hanging in my cubicle.

Yvonne Rathbone said...

Oh, you're going to wear the *shirt*. Yeah, I didn't get that at first.

Evn said...

The model pretty much goes with everything, no?

knottybynature said...

Did you read the thing I posted about 'Breaking Bad'? ....a commercial comes on and they're speaking specific elements. My youngest daughter, 7 now, turns to my husband and asks, "Daddy, what is bromide?" "It's an element, sweetie," he answers. "Can you name any other elements, like chloride and hydrogen?" "Sure can!" she chirps. "Air! Fire! Water! Earth!..."

I LOVE my kids. :D

knottybynature said...

It is an AWESOME SHIRT, by the way. :)

Red Delicious said...

1. Breaking Bad is the most fantastic thing on Earth.
2. The model looks like blind Joaquin Pheonix before Joaquin Pheonix went crazy. Maybe he's the avatar of Joaquin Pheonix's sanity, and his blindness is symbolic.
3. Heart is also an element. It comes with a monkey for a sidekick.
4. WV is "flasavi" which sounds like the knock-off brand of wasabi that you can buy at Fiesta.
5. Breaking Bad is SO MOTHER F'ING GOOD and Sweet Maria why haven't you seen it yet?

knottybynature said...

Because I abhor being a slave to my television set. It's bad enough that if I happen by TAPS or the forensic files, I might as well be a fly to a light zapper.

Except for it's zapping my intelligence. And my sanity.

The storyline sounds good. I just work...all the frigging time....

Anonymous said...

As a chemist I find I want to argue with this shirt.

The periodic table arranges the elements by atomic weight, and while I'll believe that Aether could be the heaviest, I don't think Fire weighs more than Water.

Also I start thinking Aether over there makes it a noble gas that won't interact with the others.
And much more confusion ensues.

When I was a chemist I had a cartoon at my desk of a wizard with list of the elements on the wall, telling his friend "Good Heavens, Wood and Bronze are different!"

Evn said...

Oooh, Treecat, good points. I did terribly in Chemistry, so the whole atomic weight thing went right past me.

How about I go with this one instead?

Anne Johnson said...

Why don't you be Discordian on PPD? Wear Dockers and a polo shirt. Seriously, I do that sometimes. I once wore Talbots chinos and accessories to a Maypole. I stood out from the crowd.

Bo said...

Now, as you know, if there's one thing I can't bear, Evn, it's FUN.

I still *love* this.

Evn said...

Hey, I never said PPD was going to be fun. But I'm going to attend anyway. The shirt demands it.

Magaly Guerrero said...

You are a freaking genius! But you should probably get bigger graphics, not everybody out there is a Pagan geek, like yours truly. Some people might not see the connection...

Awwww... Pagan science geeks, we are so sexy. Don't you there tell us otherwise! We know how to hurt you, magically and chemically. Yep, we are that gifted lol

Le Cornichon said...

What a nice looking guy, he reminds me of the groom from the wedding scene in Caligula, oink.
WV: water
OMG what a coincidence!

Yvonne Rathbone said...


Yeah, it would be better as:

Fi Wa
Ai Ea

Then at least "weight" would correspond to a traditional occult ordering of the elements. Ae in the noble gas column makes sense because it is further along and therefore more reactive than it would be earlier in the period. Radon rather than Helium. And why does the quintessence come after Earth, the heaviest of the elements? Ah, the Mystery.

wv: upens - u think?

treecat said...

Yes I love the Sun Scarab one (appropriate word ver again - need to stop being surprised - duntapp ... well a 'g' in the middle would be even better)

It's no more true that the earth goes around the sun than vice-versa, it's just that one is much simpler to describe mathematically and the other is much more obvious in day to day life.