Sunday, May 03, 2009

This probably won't go horribly awry

Pax, my very proactive Chief Priest, has been making noises about organizing an official StrifeFest, wherein Strifemongers from around the globe would converge on a specific location, hang out for a few days and get to know one another sans Internet.

Self-serving though it may be, I really like the idea--if anything, my readers seem to get along well. Unfortunately, such an endeavor is far beyond my managerial skills. Plus I don't think I could fit all 58 of you in my guest bedroom.

So instead, I decided to start a Yahoo! Group.

Hey, if Robin Artisson can have his own listserv, why can't I?

My loyal, beloved Strifemongers, I give you...

Caer Strife.

Think of it as our personal Fortress of Solitude. Or perhaps an incredibly elitist interpretation of Twitter. Either way, it's a little slice of Internet just for us.

Bring your tales of magico-religious trainwrecks, your run-ins with fundamentalist Christians, your favorite jokes and your unique perspectives on the NeoPagan experience. (Junior and Red Delicious, just bring yourselves. And maybe some brie.) Be irreverent, be silly, promise to make me laugh on a regular basis, and do your best not to shank each other.

Let the Strifemongering begin in full force.


Yewtree said...

Good, but why did you make it that new messages must be moderated?

Evn said...

Oops, I thought I fixed that. One moment...

Siobhan said...

So now that there is this yahoo groups thing, does that mean no more blogging? Because that would make me sad.

Evn said...

No worries! There will definitely be more blogging.

knottybynature said...


Hey, hold StrifeFest in Houston. Or Austin.

Heck, New Braunsfels. That way it can be summer and all the pagans can go tubin' down the river.... :)