Tuesday, May 12, 2009

T-shirts are Freudian. Or Jungian. Or something.

I had a weird dream last night. As scripted by the executive producers who loiter about out in my head:

On a rainy weekend morning, Treecat drove me to the outskirts of San Jose, California, and dropped me off at a retreat center, where Bo and I were working as volunteer counselors at a summer camp for troubled teens and/or developmentally-disabled adults (that part was kind of hazy), none of whom caused us any problems. And that was it.

What got me was how normal everything was. Usually, the dreams I can remember are high intensity and make no damn sense. This time, it was just me going to orientation and checking in on the group sessions and taking a cigarette break. On top of that, I woke up exhausted... although when you think about it, I basically went to bed, put in a full day's work, got up and went to the office.

I wish I hadn't picked this week to cut coffee out of my diet, because hot tea is not cutting it right now.

Noted author and occultist Draja Mickaharic contends that vivid dreams clean the subconscious of blocked energy, thus resolving and releasing it. I fully embrace this theory. For example, I once had a dream in which my twin brother and I were walking through the neighborhood where we lived when we were kids, my arm resting comfortably on his shoulder. And as we entered our childhood home, just the two of us after so many years, I slammed his face into the front door.

Now that was a release of unresolved energy. But summer camp? Troubled teens and/or developmentally-disabled adults? Matching T-shirts? (We were all wearing matching T-shirts.)

I don't get it. Anyone got a background in psychoanalysis?


Siobhan said...

I once had a dream where I went to McDonald's and declined to supersize.

I tend to have very vivid dreams, but I can always tell when it's my subconscious trying to talk to me and when it's just random neurons flaring.

Maybe you just have nothing unresolved and the neurons had to flare anyway?

Oh, and FIRST!

Evn said...

Oooh, you're the first person to ever post "FIRST" on my blog!

Misfiring neurons are definitely a contender.

Siobhan said...

you're the first person to ever post "FIRST" on my blog!A dubious honor, but one that I have no issue with gleefully accepting. A double first!

Deborah said...

Seth (y'know, as in Jane Roberts) said that sometimes when you dream you are functioning as a spirit guide. This is a contender for that sort of dream.

Evn said...

Siobhan: It is a most excellent honor. So there. ;)

Deborah: It's been years since I've read Seth Speaks, but would it be fair to say that, within the context of the dream, Treecat, Bo and I were the spirit guides? Because that could make sense.

Siobhan said...

Siobhan: It is a most excellent honor. So there. ;)The dubiousness came from the perpetuation of a rather stale internet meme. The fact that it was your blog made it the honor.


Evn said...

<< The fact that it was your blog made it the honor. >>

As it should. (grin)

Le Cornichon said...

You should worry if your dreams remain "normal" as it's the first sign of Protestantism creeping in, or so I'm told... (or even the dreaded "C" word)
Speaking of becoming Calvanist, why no more coffee mon chere? Chasing ol' Jack around with the waffle maker ala "Jaws" again after the triple espresso? hmmmm?

Bo said...

EEk! Shared dream alert. I often dream--both awake and asleep-that I'm running a retreat centre.

How very odd! Mine are always technicolour Jungian carousels@ last night I dreamt my father developed a torsion of the right testicle and was taken into hospital (Fisher King, anyone?); that I was stuck in a small country pub near the hospital, with friends, where a huge old woman took a shine to me, and kept cuddling me vastly inapproriately; then that I was in a film with my friend Justine playing an Irish nurse and Brad pitt as a rough diamond solider, which all ended tragically. I was the villain in that one.

Dream are weird.

Bo said...

The I dreamt that I urinated on a copy of my new book. :(

Evn said...

<< Speaking of becoming Calvanist, why no more coffee mon chere? >>

Officially, I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Off the record, I heard this story on NPR that grossed me out so badly I can't even look at a cup of coffee without dry-heaving.

Evn said...

<< I often dream--both awake and asleep-that I'm running a retreat centre.>>

Hmmm. I seem to recall reading something about this on your blog. Perhaps that little tidbit somehow got lodged in the back of my brain, which would explain your presence. Either that, or I'm astrally projecting into your dream-retreat centre. Whichever.

<< The I dreamt that I urinated on a copy of my new book. >>

Ah. That's just because you're worried the book won't be very good or well-received, when in fact it's going to be brilliant.

Word Verification = "accur." The Internet agrees with me.

Yewtree said...

Word Verification = "accur." The Internet agrees with me.

Divination by word verification, anyone?

Word verification = suprion: a particle from the ideosphere

Anonymous said...

If you're a non-conformist, normality would BE a nightmare.

Feral Boy

Evn said...

<< Divination by word verification, anyone? >>

Yes, please!

Feral Boy, well said.

Anonymous said...

It was a somewhat rainy day. That Monday night was Tuesday in Brittany.

I took my mother to pick up our laundry. Then went to the Prehistory museum in Carnac and popped into the church there - St Cornely's patron saint of horned animals.

If you login to LJ you can read more.

Angela-Eloise said...

I can usually figure out exactly why I'm dreaming what I do - because regardless of imagery my dreams are usually a reflection of what's been going on at work or on tv right before I went to bed. The only exceptions being when I've eaten spicy food or when I have nightmares. Well, the nightmares do usually have something to do with real life when I examine them in retrospect but at the time are just awful, because I dream so vividly when my dreams are boring that my nightmares are that much more, well, nightmarish.

I miss Blogickal. I miss my witchy friends. Hi Evn - how are you?

knottybynature said...

Shot in the dark.

Maybe your brain is communicating to you that you are (it is) feeling as if you are 'going through the motions' in teaching/counseling. Perhaps its a manifestation of fear. Heck, perhaps it's a nightmare of what you fear teaching/counseling/guiding would be ...something normal, plain, and boring. Do you equate normal with boring?

Heck...maybe it's just some sort of mercury in retrograde mental wave throwback. I dunno.

But it might be the beginnings of a comedy-laden screenplay. You never know.

delygmez: Is that even really pronouncable? Easily?

Evn said...

<< I miss Blogickal. I miss my witchy friends. >>

I miss Blogickal, too! But I'm very happy to hear from you. :)

Cogent Ascending said...

HMMMMMM . . . .
Misfiring neurons sound painful so thats a deff no, unless the dream was painful, and spirit guide is a deff possibility as I have had several dreams wherein I walked some of the most cherished people I've ever known into a garden or very tall building only to find out they've died during the night.
Or perhaps a psychic premonition?
Did anyone suggest that?
I'm too lazy to read and find out.