Friday, May 08, 2009

Honey, A+ for effort. The rest of the class fails.

One of the members of that Houston-based Pagan list I moderate has spent months trying to get a serious discussion going. Most recently, she posted a document titled Twelve Signs of Spiritual Awakening and asked if anyone was familiar with it.

To be frank, "signs of spiritual awakening" are a little too indigo for my tastes, but I'm hesitant to say so in a public forum. One's perception of the spiritual is a deeply personal thing; just because something isn't particularly glowy to me doesn't mean it's not important to someone else, and vice versa. In my experience, the best course of action when faced with... let's say, a rationality-deficient metaphysical concept is to nod and smile, thereby evoking the same in return.

With that in mind, here, in order of appearance, are the responses the Spiritual Awakening post has received so far:

Shoot, and I thought most of this was just menopause and getting older.

Sounds amazingly like what Jim Jones and David Korresh told their followers, along with a few hundred other cult leaders.

Sounds like menopause to me - hahahahaha

Jim Jones was really crazy. They say he was a big time speed freak.

Soy milk is supposed to be good for menopause.



Siobhan said...

I have clinical depression. Fortunately, I am a poster child for anti-depressants. That list could have been a xeroxed list of symptoms of depression.

Evn said...

Siobhan, that was my first thought as well. I just wish someone would have said so tactfully, instead of "Sounds like menopause to me - hahahahaha."


Siobhan said...

While I absolutely agree with you for any number of reasons, I have found that there is NO way to say "that sounds like depression to me" tactfully enough to NOT elicit a rage storm. The best you can hope for is kindly enough that the person believes you are trying to help (after they calm down from their rage storm).

Maybe you could (tactfully) point out that those menopause jokes are very derogatory toward women?

WVW: tachol as in what we wish people had more of

Evn said...

(grin) The menopause jokes were made by women between the ages of 40 and 65.

You're right, though--tossing the word "depression" into the mix is a recipe for disaster. I'll think on it and see if I can come up with the way to encourage a thoughtful conversation while keeping the yappy morons at bay.

After that, I'll tackle world peace! And then global warming.

Siobhan said...

The menopause jokes were made by women between the ages of 40 and 65. Well THAT idea gets tabled. It's neither tactful NOR encouraging of thoughtful conversation, but you could just call them sexism apologists. I'm sure they'd love to hear that coming from a guy ;)

Code Name Sarah said...

I took it in the opposite direction, age-wise -- I thought that list sounded like my crappy adolescence.*

Or my crappy present. Either way. You know, less angst, more back/neck/shoulder pain.

But I'm not menopausal (yet).

*I probably should note that they started treating me for depression when I was 8. So yeah, that's just a laundry list of depression symptoms.

Thalia said...

What the Christ those are just, wow, really really new age spacey. And yeah, totally your typical depression symptoms (gosh, ask me how *I* know?)

But for serious, 'the Christ-seed awakening within?' Do they have a spray for that? I'll even break my usual rules and forego the organic stuff for something stronger.


And telling people that suicidal feelings aren't to be taken seriously? *Not* a good thing.

Also I have an urge to punch the next person who says, "That too shall pass." I wonder why?

Thalia said...

Actually an ex used to say that when, say, the dog ate a crayon: "that too shall pass."

Siobhan said...

A friend I trust just told me these are the "signs of enlightenment" used by cults with new members. So that they understand that the reason the feelings of dissociation and depression are GOOD things, not their sanity screaming for rescue.

Thalia said...

Yeah, someone feeling those things is going to be in a very vulnerable place, whether they come to the cult feeling that way already or the cult makes them feel like that. Scary.

WVW: polia, as in an epithet of Athena of the City, just missing the S on the end.

Pom said...

I wanted to read the signs. I really did. However, I got to "Christ seed" and I could go no further. If one waters a "Christ seed" does it grow into a Sea Monkey and eventually a full grown messiah?

I know - I failed.

WV - fises

Pax, Chief Priest to the Angel of Snarkness said...


No, actually, I think you just passed with flying colors.


At least your group talks I'd much rather SOME conversation were going on on a list then months of silence and me as moderator/list owner making the occasional post trying to start conversation!


Pax said...


So is it safe to presume that at least one of the "wits" throwing around the menopause jokes is allegedly some type of high-mucky muck who is never seen in the communty but is really important and she even got to see an advance copy of Crystalmoon Bunnythigh's new book The Shamanic Celtic Crystal Chakra Wicca Workout?

I just wonder these things sometimes.


WV= "cania"... Cania believe I'm on twice in one morning?

Matt Gerlach said...

Omg, I (a 24 year old gay man) must either be starting menopause today, or I'm ascending to a higher plane.

Or today could have just been one of those really crappy days.\

(word verification: cults scary is that?)

Evn said...

<< I (a 24 year old gay man) must either be starting menopause today, or I'm ascending to a higher plane. >>

Wait until you hit 30. Same list of symptoms, but you're fully and painfully aware that ascension has nothing to do with it.

<< word verification: cults scary is that? >>

Dude, that is fucked up. Why is my Word Verification gadget the only one that's possessed? I'm calling Blogger. And maybe a Catholic priest.

One of them effective, Vatican-trained priests. Because seriously...

WV = "Nulat," which I'm pretty sure is Enochian for "Resistance is futile."

knottybynature said...

Evn, I REALLY love reading your blog.

But if the kool-aid has anything other than vodka in it, I'm outta here. :)

WV: gramen - Ramen...only gritty. Or is it a slavic curse-word? I forget witch, which....