Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My mom just announced that Mother's Day is cancelled. She's convinced that if we go out to brunch, an immigrant busboy will cough on her and then she'll immediately die of swine flu.

She will, however, be attending church that morning, where she'll eat bread out of someone else's hand and drink wine out of a communal cup.

I sure hope Jesus hasn't visited Mexico recently.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Flying Pig Flu

Longtime readers will remember that I work in the travel industry. With that in mind, here's an accurate summation of my day (me being the short, put-upon guy with the wand):

Of course, the upside to Swine Flu Mania is that most of our clients have completely forgotten about the pirate attack on a cruise ship that went down this weekend.


I really, really need a vacation.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We may have gone a wee bit overboard

Thanks so much to everyone who cast a vote for my favorite artist in the San Jose Clinic.

But I think we need to maybe back off a little. As it stands, most of the other entries have received 2 to 3 votes, tops, while our dark horse has received 51.

Oh, wait. Now she has 53.

Yeah, we gotta calm down. But the artist in question is thrilled that so many people appreciate her work. And she's resting comfortably in the knowledge that she can't directly be blamed for rigging the ballots.

Friday, April 24, 2009

We interrupt my prolonged reclusiveness for a very important message

An extremely talented Houston-based artist, to whom I may or may not be related, has had her work accepted into a prominent show/silent auction. Her painting has been added to the show's Web site, where viewers are allowed to vote for their favorites.

So here's what I need you guys to do:

Go to www.sanjoseclinic.org. Over on the right side of your screen, you'll see a purple box titled "Art With Heart Tickets." Click on the "Web Gallery" link in that box, and then click on "2009 Professional Art." Scroll down to the page listings, then go to page three.

Once there, scroll down to the bottom, where, in the right corner, you'll notice a watercolor titled "Ethnic Strife." Click on the image, then scroll down one final time to the star ratings.

At this point, you'll want to click on the five stars. And by "You'll want to," I mean "Just fucking do it."

Starving artists everywhere thank you for your willing, earnest support.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Quote o' the Moment - Exactly, and Good Questions

"Growing up, coming out, living in the world, we've all had to deal with the voices of negativity. In learning to speak about who we are, we've always needed to respond to critics before anything else. The voices of homophobia -- both the strident ones in society and the more subtle ones in our own heads -- have largely dictated the course of our discussions. As a result, our definition of self is only beginning to emerge from the shadow of what we're not. 'We are not sick, not evil, not sinful, not perverted, not child molesters, not anti-family, and in terms of basic humanity, not all that much different from anyone else.'

"Saying 'NO!' to homophobia is one of the healthiest steps any one of us can take, yet when our whole self-definition is based on negation, we miss something vital. We know who we're not, but we still don't have answers to the same basic questions, 'Who are we?' 'What does it mean to love as we do?'"

-John R. Stowe