Tuesday, March 03, 2009

You still have your testicles. Now let go of them.

I don't know if I somehow screwed up my Karma, or if the Gods are playing a practical joke on me, or what the hell is going on right now. But for some reason, I can't set foot in an online forum these days without going head to head with a Men's Rights Activist. An "MRA," as the kids like to say.

Because white men between the ages of 18 and 35 are so very oppressed in our culture. Apparently. The poor dears.

Allow me to share a few general observations.

If you're an MRA, you're ignorant.

If you're a Pagan MRA, you're dead to me.

If you're a gay Pagan MRA, then what the fuck is wrong with you. And please note that this is a statement, not a question.

To sum up: If you identify, for whatever reason, as an MRA (and I really hate to say this, on account of the irony will be a distraction), you have Mommy issues.

And I'm sorry about that; I'm so very, very sorry. But you do. At some critical point in your emotional development, Mommy was unkind. Or Mommy had another baby, or went back to work, or wouldn't let you have the car keys just this one time. Or Mommy suggested that, at the age of 47, you might want to consider moving out of her basement.

Whatever the traumatic event that was instrumental in shaping Who It Is You Are Today... you have Mommy issues.

And again, I'm sorry, but agreed? Good. Now please get over them. Or, at the very least, stop dumping them over the rest of us, because here's the thing: While your existence is ultimately irrelevant, I cannot begin to describe how uselessly annoying you are.


Deborah said...

It's so awful to be a white man these days. Maybe someday one will get elected president. Or to the Senate, even. The struggle must continue until that day comes.

Pom said...

This is one of those topics that normally just makes me giggle over the insecurity of those guys. That is until the day I nearly agreed with Bill O'Reilly when he was interviewing some jackass MRA on his show. Not kidding! That is where the funny stops being funny! Of course Bill redeemed himself as the true asshole I always knew he was when he referred to women as "the weaker sex". It was the most terrifying 2 minutes of my life!

treecat said...

Damn, my word verification was 'cryst' so I had to respond...

I'm just boggled by oppressed rich white boys. They just have no idea about the world at all. It's useless to try to tell them either.

Siobhan said...

Every MRA should be required to sit down with US Census bureau information for the last 20 years on white/black/male/female/straight/gay splits and see how very very privileged they are.

How, how, how can you be gay and an MRA? or pagan and an MRA? It's like gay/black/female republicans -- I just don't get it.

Yewtree said...

[punches the air] Yes - down with Robert Bly and all his works.

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Evn said...

I admit to owning a copy of Iron John, but I could never get very far into it. The book does, however, make a quaint curio.

Word verification: ingnoob - another way of saying "MRA."

Pax said...

Hrmm... I don't know... some of what I got out of Iron John (lo so many many years ago) was a sense that patriarchy ... especially as regards strict gender roles/stereotyping can be as damaging to men as they can be to women... and not just for the gay guys... on some deep levels...

Then again I don't know that I've actually ever encountered an MRA... so I am not sure quite what sort of socio-political phenomenon we are talking about.


Siobhan said...


Be grateful. Essentially MRA's believe that the patriarchy is their inherent right and all these wimmens are taking over and ruining everything.

I agree with you, btw -- I have seen a great deal of evidence that the patriarchy is no better for men than for women. But remember, change is scary, even when it's for the better.

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Anti-thesisofreason said...

Robert Bly is not about male domination. It is basically as Pax said.

knottybynature said...

Geez. Sadly, it never occured to them to study and use the 'partnership' model.

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