Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arguing against the obvious

From a writing standpoint, the last two weeks have been exceedingly frustrating for me. I've got all this stuff I want to write about, a relevant topic to dissect, a backlog of e-mails to answer, but the words I need to do so are steadfastly refusing to materialize.

I do, however, have this book called The I Ching for Writers, which is designed to jumpstart the creative process through ancient Chinese divination. I don't consult the I-Ching very often, what with the geomancy at my fingertips and all, but I figured it couldn't hurt--and I've certainly tried weirder things to get my literary juices uncongealed. Grabbing a clean sheet of paper, I threw some coins, calculated the results and came up with the hexagram K'un. According to the book's interpretation:

"There is every sign that you are exhausted. Your creative process is dried up, and you and your work are in a time of adversity. It is very important that you take a short rest to recharge yourself. Building your inner strength and being of few words right now is the best way to proceed... If you do not rest, you will fall into using empty words. If you do take a short rest, success awaits."

Well that was entirely unhelpful. And I am not exhausted, thank you very much. So what if the painkillers I'm on fuck with my appetite, and I haven't been sleeping well, and work's got me all stressed out, and I'm tired of staring at drafts of half-written blog entries and waiting for them to finish themselves. That doesn't mean I'm exhausted.

Or, more specifically, I don't need coins and hexagrams pointing out how exhausted I am when what I want to hear is something motivating and inspiring.

Stupid accurate I-Ching. I need a nap.


Siobhan said...

I have found in these situations, the coins/cards/stars are telling you what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear. In this case "Listen to your body, doofus!"

Also, there is a distinct possibility that after all these events, exhaustion and subsequent rejuvenation you will have a different perspective on what you wanted to say re: wicca. So the universe is simply arranging things that way.

Yvonne Rathbone said...

I once painted the whole Builders of the Adytum Major Arcana in a week. You're supposed to paint one a week, if even that frequently, but I had just discovered watercolor pencils and I've always loved the idea of paint-by-numbers.

Anyway, the following week, I found I hated the Tarot terribly. For the first time since I'd started reading five years prior, I found I thought the whole thing was stupid. So of course I did a reading to find out why I felt this way.

The first card I turned over to describe the situation was the 5 of Crystals (Swords) from the Voyager Tarot. The keyword was "negativity." I thought, duh. Stupid Tarot. If you're so cool and smart, tell me something I don't know.

Anne Johnson said...

Painkillers shut down everything. When you feel better, you'll be off and running again! All double entendres are purposeful.

knottybynature said...

Divination, much like human beings, have this annoying habit of stating the obvious.

Hope you get some breathing room.

Anonymous said...

Bloody Oracles...

I keep wishing mine will stop belaboring the obvious and give me a pep talk too. Perhaps tomorrow.