Monday, January 05, 2009

Oh! Yes! That one!

An e-mail from one of our clients:

Hello! I stayed at a resort in the Bahamas about twenty years ago, and I'd love to go back. I don't remember the name, but it was on the beach. And near some shops.

I haven't the words.


Red Delicious said...

Ooh! I know this one. It's called - "anywhere you send her."

WV: habitic

annyikha said...

Just make sure she brings a lime with her.

Yvonne Rathbone said...

In the book industry, this is phrased as "it had a blue cover..."

There's a wonderful scene in the Alfred Hitchcock movie, Rope, that plays on this. Jimmy Stewart has a long convo with a woman about a movie starring that actor, you know who, and the actress, you know the one, and they went somewhere and did something.... It's worth the price of admission.

Anne Johnson said...

"Oh yes, we remember you. That hotel wasn't in the Bahamas. It was in a lovely seaside resort called Basra. Shall we make reservations for you?

Pax said...


A couple of the proudest moments of my 4 years working in bookstores was being able to track books down for folks using that little info!!