Monday, December 22, 2008

Sometimes my voice carries

It was just a joke, people.

Practicing Witchcraft has not strengthened my personal relationship with Jesus.

So stop looking at me like that.


Livia Indica said...

Don't tell me you really said this. Did you really say this? No, no, no you didn't really say this. You really said this? In public? Out loud?

*evil chuckle turning to hearty cackle*

Evn said...

I really said this. In the middle of a Luby's Cafeteria.

I often think I'm much funnier than I actually am.

Red Delicious said...

Remember when you told me I shouldn't have said what I said because we were in the middle of a truck stop restroom in Oklahoma?

Yeah, it's kind of like that.

Evn said...

You mean when you almost got me killed by a mob of angry, homophobic truckers?

Good times. Good times.

(Word verification = Mouse, possibly a reference to Tales of the City. The Internet officially speaks English and knows I'm gay.)

Yewtree said...

Seriously though, apparently a lot of witches get on rather well with you-know-who. My theory is that it's because we're more interesting than most of his actual followers.

Yes, the internet probably has enough processing power to be an emergent AI by now.

Red Delicious said...

I prefer to think of them not as homophobic, but as envious.

Also, to borrow from the KITH, dogs know it.

The internet also seems to know I view porn on occasion, 'cause it just keeps throwing that stuff at me.

knottybynature said...

Actually I am in total agreement and supportive of your statement, even if it was an attempt to be funny.

Surely you realize more pagans know about Jeebus and his coven than most actual Christians do?

Well....just a thought.

Evn said...

Knotty and Yvonne: Remind me to tell you guys about the time I let Jesus into my heart, just to see what would happen.

Yewtree said...

Yeah, go on Evn - do tell!

I am sure was a considerate guest. He usually is - one time he turned up to help with a healing, accompanied by Kwan Yin, just to show he's not exclusivist. He also apologised to me for some of his followers once.

Siobhan said...

Surely you realize more pagans know about Jeebus and his coven than most actual Christians do?

LOL! raised catholic, turned pagan, got the greatest insight on Jesus from my college rabbi.

It's all good.