Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New PC

Jack spent a good twenty minutes explaining the difference between RAM and hard drive storage space to me. It was an excellent presentation, involving a variety of impromptu visual aides, and eventually, it all made sense.

"Hey, you know what I'm going to do?" I said. "I'm going to go find a little stuffed toy ram and put it on top of my desk, so that I can have more RAM on my desktop."

And then I laughed my ass off. Jack stalked out of the room.

"No, wait!" I yelled, running after him. "I'm going to invent an external hard drive that's shaped like a ram. Oooh, that's good! We need a patent!"

"You're crazy," Jack muttered.

"I'm not crazy!" I shouted.

[Ed. note: the easiest way to convince someone that you are, in fact, a barking lunatic is to shout "I'm not crazy!"]

"No, really," Jack said. "You're nuts."

"No, I'm not," I replied. "I'm... differently sane."

I offered up a winning smile. Jack offered up a blank stare. We called it even.


Pom said...

Jack, don't EVER lose your sense of humor (you obviously needed it with Evn)! :o) Happy New Year to you both.

Evn said...

I definitely keep his sense of humor in top form.

Happy New Year!

Jack said...

Sense of humor, mind altering drugs, sitting in the fetal position in the corner of the closet screaming, "Why me? Why me?"...ya, know. Whatever works at the time. "In the moment."

Red Delicious said...

I love this idea. I really do. In fact, I believe it would be the first external hard drive that's ever been an "As Seen on TV" item.

Anytime you're looking for ideas involving rams, come see me.

Word Verification: funmed. Yes, they are.

Evn said...

You had me at "As Seen on TV."

Deborah said...

Jack is a saint. I'm setting up an altar now.

Thalia Took said...

I am so stealing "differently sane." What a useful phrase for someone such as myself.

Being an Aries I have to tell you that your RAM hard drive idea is pure genius. And, as an Aries, I know genius.

But, OMG! My word verification word today is "moggier." Moggier. That is, probably, the awesomest word I have ever heard. I can just imagine it being used in a pet store in England:

"How about this kitten, luv, this lovely Siamese? Or maybe this purebred Cornish Rex?"

She shakes her head. "No, actually, I was thinking something a little moggier."

It's like "street," but for cats!!

Evn said...

Deborah, I asked Jack if he wanted to be the patron of high-maintenance boyfriends, but he said no.

Thalia, I love the word "moggier"! Let's start using it in comments on Bo's blog and get it introduced into British lingo.

Thalia Took said...

I was just over at Bo's, and apparently his talent with languages is so well-known, and his blog so learned, that the word verification word I got there was even in pseudo-Latin: exulatio.

Anne Johnson said...

I can remember a day when a hard drive was getting stuck in Washington, DC during rush hour.

And my word is "dotess." If someone dotes on me, I am the "dotess." How come cool pseudo-words keep appearing on Evn's blog?

Thalia Took said...

Oh no! For the Took it gave that Gamgeean word par excellence, "tater."

It knows who we are!

Pax said...


In the creepy coincidences category...

I just got an email from...


Titled:Wrap yourself in the blanket with sleeves and lower your heating bill

With a link to everyone's favorite cuddly and fleecy yet unholy cultists robes!

I have decide that it must somehow be your fault, as the only internet stuff I have EVER done related to this evil product is to comment in your blog...

I just want to I going to receive a "Rammie the External RAM harddrive" email in a few weeks?

Just so I can be ready for it next time...

word verification= "torespe"

Peace, and weirdness,

Pax said...

"Rammie the external RAM drive, and cuddly computer buddy!"

We could set it up, Teddy Ruxpin like, with animatronic features and a set of voice options depending on what's going on on the computer!

-ked'a said...

Forgive me. I am typing while still asleep.

However, this just about gave me a complete comedic screaming orgasm. Nearly split me in half. I'm not crazy, too!! I LOVE YOU. ***I'm differently sane.*** That's the thing you need to patent. That's so freakin' brilliant I'm blinded.

Word Verification originally (no word of a lie): bright

knottybynature said...

"Deborah said...
Jack is a saint. I'm setting up an altar now."

Then made him an angel. See? It all fits.