Friday, November 14, 2008

Third time's the closer

We're approaching the official halfway mark of National Novel Writing Month, and I've snuggled into my traditional self-destructive behavior.

Here's how it works: I slack off on blogging, reasoning that if I'm writing, I should be focusing on my novel over anything else. But then I fall behind in my word count, which makes me feel guilty, so I give up writing all together. In the past, this has led to not updating the blog for a couple of months, which in turn leads to a dark, bottomless funk from which I don't emerge until June.

Well, not this time, campers. I can handle the depression and self-esteem issues, but the critical lack of Strife caused someone to unsubscribe from my Follow This Blog list.

As my dear, departed grandmother would say, "Screw that noise."

You know what? I'll write a novel whenever I damn well get around to it, not on someone else's arbitrary deadline. And it will be a good novel. So fuck you, NaNoWriMo. Fuck you in your hairy ear.

Right, then. Back to blogging.


Anonymous said...


My dear Overlord of Strife, anyone who would decline to follow you because of a two week hiatus was never yours to begin with, and frankly, I think you're better off without them.

Bill Watterson of "Calvin and Hobbes" took two nine month sabbaticals within three years of each other. That sucks for those of us who eagerly anticipated new comics, but it didn't diminish his work. You do what you need to do, and we'll always be here for you, whether it takes two weeks or six month in-between posts.


Your Loyal Strifemongers

P.s. Don't take six months off just to prove me wrong, please. That would suck.

Evn said...

Anonymous, you just made my millennium.

miakoda said...

Seconded. Some of us even got off our lazy asses and added you to our Follow list while you were away.

Pam said...

Oh THANK THE GODS I am not the only one who thought this... I seriously went "Why they hell would I write a sucktastic novel on someone ELSE's Timeline, when I coudl do it on MINE and have less stress..."

Its all about timing over at the Embrace the Suck Project (laugh)

Evn said...

Miakoda, I noticed! Much appreciated.

Pam, it took me a couple of years to reach that conclusion, but we're definitely on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Well I've been a loyal follower for a while now, jumped right on that banwagon when they set up that thingi. Sooo.... Have fun writing your novel and pop in to say hi occasionally so we know you are alive LOL

Pom said...

You will write several books/novels and they will be wonderful! Of course like any good writer, you will write far more than anyone else will ever see - write and rewrite.

I thank you for coming back to blog though that's just selfishness on my part - I do enjoy a regular dose of strife!

Thalia Took said...

It is perpetually annoying to me that one must, so often, commit to a sucky experience to find out it that it is in fact a sucky experience. Why can't we just see that it is and say "no?" right off the bat?

This learning thing, oy.

Evn said...

Rottie Mom and Pom, you are both hereby promoted to the position of Strifemonger Elite Guard. Your new responsibilities include foiling assassination attempts and telling me how good-looking I am, even when I'm obviously bloated.

Thalia, I just don't know why. I'm tempted to say, "Because it builds character." But more than likely, it involves Someone Else saying, "Because you need to go through it in order to get to where I need you to be."

Thalia Took said...

I guess I'm in a particularly blasphemous mood, because my first response to that was, Well, fuck Their needs and Their Plan for me. My Plan is my own.

Like I said, blasphemous mood. Also, I'm I think going through my own version of "fuck that noise" with the whole Art Every Day Month thing. Gah.

Yvonne Rathbone said...

Think of all the lame ass writers who make it to 50000 words of sucky novel in a month.

Now think of all the amazing writers who create excellent blogs on a regular basis. I can count them on one hand. (Guess which finger is the Lord of Strife.)

Evn said...

The opposable thumb?

Pom said...

*Shields Evn from a threatening looking ne'er do well and then realizes that it was just a renegade trick-or-treater (who refused, much to his mother's dismay, to take off his costume 2 weeks later) with a suction cup dart gun* *ahem* My apologies, sir, just trying to do my job. In my defense he was an angry looking child.

BTW - did I mention you look fabulous today and not at all bloated? (Too much?)

Evn said...

Pom, I'm sure the child had a secret agenda. Well played.

Christopher Wildbore said...

Someone left? Oh well, just remember: You have to let them go, if they return they were your's, if not then hunt them down and shoot them.


Evn said...

No shooting to kill, please. But maybe just shake 'em up a little bit?

knottybynature said...

Stephen King almost flunked most of his english classes where one of his teachers said, "You will NEVER be a writer."


In the hairy ear. With an overlarge, unlubricated turnip. That's rotting.

Evn said...

When I told my mother I wanted to study journalism, she said, "You won't make any money at that."

And yet, I have a now have a lovely career in the Communications industry. Go fig.

In the hairy ear. With an overlarge, unlubricated turnip. That's rotting.

Heh. You should be a writer. ;)

knottybynature said...

I am. I think. I might be, anyway. I write all the time. I have that blogger blog and my MySpace attached to it on the right, top side.

But to be validated as a talented writer, you have to be published and paid for it, don't you?

lol. SOOO not me.