Thursday, November 06, 2008

Please don't squelch my dream, guys

So I'm on the phone with Sarah, and I hear myself say:

"If I am going to be Michelle Obama's gay best friend, my mother will learn to like her."

Because every First Lady needs a gay best friend.



Mertseger said...

I can't imagine that she does not already have one.

Pom said...

I need a gay best friend! My guess is that Michelle is set in the way of friends.

Evn said...

Hey, hey, both of you: The title of this post clearly states, "Don't squelch my dream."

Mertseger, there is simply no way she could have a gay best friend anywhere near as cool as me. Just trust me on this one.

Pom, I will happily be your gay best friend, with the understanding that Michelle could call me into active duty at any moment.

Red Delicious said...

Not only will I not squelch your dream, but I think this is immediate grounds for updating what your ideal sitcom would be.

"First Friend"

Michelle Obama ........Debra Wilson
Rahm Emmanuel ........ Ron Leibman
Jill Biden......Christine Baranski
Craig Robinson....James Avery
Voice of Barack.......Phil LaMarr

Evn said...

Red Delicious, A+ for effort. But you neglected to cast Gina Torres, which means... well, I'm sure Gina and I will come up with an appropriate retribution.

But I do thank you for remembering my love of All Things Christine Baranski.

miakoda said...

Gina Torres gets cast as Gina Torres, kick-ass actress-turned-entrepreneur and partner in Evn's interior decorating biz. She's the one who goes after people who don't pay their invoices on time. 'Cause let's face it ... you just don't mess with Gina Torres.

Evn said...


Anonymous said...

I think it is a great idea. And while you are at it can you steer her in a better direction fashionwise. She needs a whole new wardrobe!

Yvonne said...

EVERY woman needs a gay best friend :)

I have several.

Anne Johnson said...

Tell your new best friend to get a puppy from the pet shelter. Spay or neuter. And please don't let the puppy bother Greg Johnson at lunchtime. (Long story)

Lisa Adams said...

Aww, you'd make the best gay best friend a first lady could ever have.

And yes, I admit to some personal bias..

Though on the down-side my list wouldn't run nearly as smoothly if she needed you.

Red Delicious said...

Sorry for the oversight. Gina Torres intimidates me into thinking I could never approach her about a role in a show I've created. That, and I'm too afraid I'd have to ask her how she's coping without Wash.

Anne Johnson said...

I have an idea. I'll pretend to be Michele Obama, and you can be MY gay best friend!

Okay, yes, it's a reach. She has more education, better clothes, and a whole lot more poise. But I need a gay best friend, so maybe that helps my case.

Yvonne Rathbone said...

In my world you already are Michelle Obama's BGFFL.

knottybynature said...

Well, damn, how else does a straight woman get a keener style?