Sunday, November 02, 2008

Engender, Dismember, the First of November

After facing two dismal failures in the past and swearing I was never going to put myself through this again, I signed up to participate in National Novel Writing Month one more time.

You can follow my progress here. Wish me luck, Strifemongers. And feel free to get on my case if my word count doesn't increase by at least 1667 a day.


Meredydd Darkmoon said...

hee hee, I have a book going on there too. The first one I wrote is now being published actually. has the link to the excerpt!

Evn said...

Mer, that rocks! You are an inspiration to the rest of us.


Ted said...

Jesus loves a masochist.

Signed, failed novel-in-a-monther.

Nettle said...

I did one last year! A young-adult fantasy novel, my favorite genre. I didn't finish it by the deadline, but I did finish eventually. Now it is just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be edited into something I would actually let anyone else read. This may never happen, but it was a fun experience.

Evn said...

Nettle, good job! My first attempt at NaNoWriMo was actually pretty good, even if I didn't get very far. I should keep poking at it.