Monday, October 20, 2008

I do hope she reads this

I’ve decided to found a non-profit organization called WASP:

Wolves Against Sarah Palin.

“Wolves” being a metaphorical, open-ended term, encompassing anyone whose quality of life suffers whenever Sarah Palin is given authority.

Here’s a recent quote from The Devil Wears Palin:

"Faith in God in general has been mocked through this campaign, and that breaks my heart and that is unfair for others who share a faith in God and choose to worship our Lord in whatever private manner that they deem fit."

I take this to mean that receiving blessings from a witch-hunting con artist in a public ceremony equates to “worshipping in a private manner."

Yeah, maybe not so much on the camera crew next time, Miss Congenial Concubine of a Counterfeit Christ. Learn a lesson from R. Kelly.

But I do like that we mustn’t look down on those who choose to “worship privately”... so long as they worship “Our Lord.” Open season on the rest of us, I guess. Perhaps now, since she feels so strongly about the definition of “marriage,” she’ll clear up the definition of “private.”

Before anyone gets too excited, please know that we’re not going to do much to save the world at WASP meetings. Basically, we’re just going to get together, have a few drinks, then run around in erratic, zig-zag patterns.

It will be harder for Palin to pick us all off from a helicopter that way.


Red Delicious said...

Did you self-censor, or did the blogging world warn you that such things would not fly?

Evn said...

What, the title? Nah, I just decided the shorter version sounded better.

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahaha *snorfle* God. Where do I join?

Evn said...

Had I thought things out better, I would've made a sign-up sheet or something...

Angela-Eloise said...

"have a few drinks, then run around in erratic, zig-zag patterns"

My favorite blog line all week! Sounds like a good description for a party invitation.

WASPs for Obama, unite!

Evn said...

My favorite blog line all week!

If you think that's good, just wait until November. I'll be talking in tongues by then.

Go, WASPs! Beat the... um, WASPs.

I suspect I should have chosen a less recognizable acronym.

Thalia Took said...

Oooo! Angela-Eloise! I couldn't leave a comment over at Blogickal to tell you (the verification code thingie was being weird, and it kept showing me a preview when I thought I had hit publish), so I'll let you know here: I tagged you for that six random things meme or whatever it's called over at Amused Grace, if you want to participate.

(Pardon the hijacking, Evn.)

Pom said...

It's nearly over! I'll be happy to see the end of campaign ad season.

Whoever started the rumors of a 2012 presidential run attempt by her should be buried in a mound of caribou crap! This country doesn't need another president who has control of the button but can't pronounce nuclear.

Red Delicious said...

Fellow lover of poetic playfulness, this site is for you:

Lisa Adams said...

*LAUGH* Damn you Evn! I committed alchy abuse and spewed my wine *pout*.

It's ok though, it was totally worth it for tat running in zig zags line.

I'd sign up just because. I can't wait till Novembers blogging.

Lisa Adams said...

that.. I really can spell I promise.

Red Delicious said...

Sid Popsin wants to join your WASP group: