Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Head Meets Desk

This is how my day started:

Me [chatting with a manager from another department] - "We're probably going to announce the new Web site next week, and..."

Her - "We have a new Web site?"

Me - "Well, it launched a couple of months ago, but we haven't promoted it yet."

Her [rolling her eyes] - "Nobody ever tells me anything! It's like the last time we launched a new site. It just suddenly went up one day, and no one bothered to mention it to me."

Me - "Do you mean the Web site we featured in the corporate newsletter? We sent it out to all our employees..."

Her - "Oh, I never read the newsletter."

Me - "Really? Why not?"

Her - "There's never anything in it that has anything to do with me. So why didn't anyone tell me about the Web site?"

While it's tempting to blame this on the current Mercury Retrograde, I suspect there are deeper issues at play here.


Red Delicious said...

There's a new web site? You didn't tell me! You know I need a hand-embroidered Tyra Mail every time something like this happens!

Evn said...

It's a company Web site, not a personal one. Regardless, I'll get to tatting.

Anne Johnson said...

Ah, the morons among us. How does she tie her shoes?

Evn said...

Slip-ons, I believe.