Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy birthday, Pookie. Up yours, Ike.

Today is Jack's birthday, and believe you me, we're going to have to light a lot of candles this year! Ha ha ha!

Of course, they won't be on his cake. You see, now that 98% of the Houston area has power back, ours went out again.


I turned 33 last month. A 33-year-old man should simply not need to spend this much time living with his parents.


Le Cornichon said...

HAPPY birthday Jack! yours most oozing with sticky sweet gooeyness- Brick

Evn said...

I'll pass along the sentiments. Or at the very least demonstrate them. ;)

Annye said...

I have a mental image of your mother, wire cutters in hand ...


Evn said...

Yup. The best way to fill an empty nest is to clip a few wings.

knottybynature said...

I just got one word for you on that idea.