Monday, September 29, 2008

Quote o' the Moment - Unwelcome

“Evangelical groups have been meeting with major [bookstore] chains to 'advise' them on marketing to their community, pointing out that Christian bestsellers like the Left Behind series make the stores more dollars per square inch of shelf space than Wiccan, feminist or psychology books, and also that their community won't come to those stores unless they're not offended by what's being shelved in the stores and unless they're 'made to feel welcome.'

"The two groups I heard were spearheading the effort were Assembly of God and the Philadelphia Church. Pagans are in danger of becoming the new Jews in a culture that is increasingly fascist, however that fact may be obscured by being wrapped in red, white and blue bunting and religious platitudes.”

-Phyllis Curott

[Ed. note: There was a different Quote up earlier, but I think this one's a little more o' the Moment.]


knottybynature said...

Everyone wants religious freedom, especially THEIRS, so when they infringe on someone else's, well, they're a little hard-pressed to think about it, aren't they?

I don't know how they figure it's fine for them to have the rights to practice their religion and that they cannot comprehend that means ALL OF US can practice freely as we see fit.

Stupid sheeple.

Evn said...

Sheeple. Heh. Good word. :)