Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Quote o' the Moment - Magical Geeks

"I've often wished that I had some suave and socially acceptable hobby that I could fall back on in times like this. You know, play the violin (or was it the viola?) like Sherlock Holmes, or maybe twiddle away on the pipe organ like the Disney version of Captain Nemo. But I don't. I'm sort of the arcane equivalent of a classic computer geek. I do magic, in one form or another, and that's pretty much it. I really need to get a life, one of these days."

-Harry Dresden

This week's quotation comes from a fictional occultist--one with whom, I'm ashamed to admit, I overly identify.

[Damn your hide, Apocrypha! I am going to get you for introducing me to these goddamned novels. They are, as you accurately predicted, the crack rock.]


taijiya said...

Gods, aren't they? I started watching the (tragically short-lived) Sci-Fi series, bought the first novel because of it, and went on a frenzy of reading them all thereafter.

Apocrypha Jones said...

I'm not one of those people who hate saying this...I actually enjoy rubbing it in:


You just wait 'til you meet the brother. [Insert evil, evil grin here.]

Lisa Adams said...

I love the books and own the short-lived TV series. I highly recommend watching them *grin*. I can loan them to you if you'd like *wink*. Or perhaps I should just give them to you for Yule?

knottybynature said...

An awesome comic book series is called "Sandman" and is by Vertigo comics. The writer behind it is Neil Gaiman, who also wrote and directed Mirrormask and Stardust (or whatever that movie was more recently).

Evn said...

I loved Mirrormask. The Carpenters cover was sheer genius.

Random trivia, but Neil Gaiman and Rachel Pollack are apparently best friends. Discuss.