Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm boiling them as we speak

About halfway through my morning, I noticed there was an ingrown hair on my chin. I slipped into the restroom, pulled the tweezers from my Swiss Army knife, and almost had the hair worked free when I thought:

"You know, you really should have washed these after you let that guy use them to get that splinter out of his foot."

I don't like feet. I don't like feet near my face. And I really don't like dealing with the unflinching fact that hindsight is fucking disgusting.


knottybynature said...

Were you Thai in a past life?

My mother is 100% Old World Thai/Modernized American Girl. She's a widow that's been here over 30 years and although she loves being a carefree widow, she still holds a lot of traditions.

One of them is that you never put your feet on someone. Feet are the lowest part of the body, therefore the dirtiest. So...if you're on the floor and you nudge some Thai-somebody with your foot, it's a grievious insult.

You can't get like athlete's foot on your face, right? *shudder*

Anne Johnson said...

That which doesn't kill you will only make you stronger.

Will you please work some magic against the ascendancy of power by Sarah Palin? And encourage your readers and fellow bloggers to do the same?

Evn said...

Knotty: My brother's in-laws are Thai, but other than that, I suspect my own past-life experiences were decidedly Western European. That said, I fully endorse the no-foot-touching tradition.

Perhaps I'm gearing up to be Thai in my next life? That would be cool.

Evn said...

Anne, I'm already on it. My cunning plan to be posted soon. (It involves the artwork of Thalia Took and a fashion-forward consciousness.)

Thalia Took said...


Evn said...

The revolution will be agressively marketed.

Mike Rock said...

Dude, feet are sexy..

(safe for work)..

Evn said...