Friday, September 12, 2008

Dark clouds all up in my business

Depending on whichever media outlet you prefer, Hurricane Ike is currently...



bearing down on

preparing to devastate

trumpeting the Armageddon of

about to go medieval on the ass of

bringin' in 'da noise, bringin' in 'da funk to

...the Houston area. Since Jack's still out of town, my original plan was to go it alone and have myself and adventure: Evn vs. Ike in the Title Match of the Century. But then I walked outside this morning, into the glorious, autumnal sunlight, and a light breeze picked up, and I went "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE" and fled to Co-Witch A.'s house.

Her family and I have been eating pumpkin enchiladas and peanut-butter Rice Krispie Treats for the past several hours, and watching very bad sci-fi movies about pretty twenty-somethings who can teleport. And even though we're also staking out which closets we're going to hide in once the storm makes landfall, I feel perfectly safe, and I'm 97% sure that I'll be heading back to a blissfully not-wind-damaged home come Sunday afternoon.

But I'd greatly appreciate it if all of my Loyal Strifemongers could go ahead and be sure of it as well, thus hedging out that troublesome 3% margin of error.


Thalia said...

Hey, how you doing?

Bo said...

I send healing.

No, seriously, I could give like super reiki to the storm.

Really, really - move to Cornwall!

(Hope you're OK, sorry to be flippant)

knottybynature said...

Hope you and yours are okay.

I've family in Houston too, and all the power is out for them. Cell phone networks are busy and can't get a hold of some of them.

Good luck to you. I'll light a candle and say a chant.

Evn said...

Thalia: All things considered, couldn't be better.

Knottybynature: I'll keep your family in my thoughts. Power seems to be returning to most areas a lot faster than originally predicted, so I think we're all going to be okay.

Bo: Super reiki, you say? That's so five minutes ago. Everyone here practices ultra reiki. Catch up.

That said, I'll happily move to Cornwall, on the condition that you introduce me to the local Pagans in a way that implies they should be in awe of and/or mildly terrified of me. I suggest using hushed tones when uttering my name.

Pom said...

You are still safe and well.... right? I realize powers likely still out but as long as the peanut butter krispie treats hold out, you should be a-ok.

Take care and report as soon as able!