Monday, September 22, 2008

After the Aftermath

It's been a week since Hurricane Ike beat the hell out of Houston, and I'm happy to report that things are almost back to normal. There are still a lot of stoplights out around town, making traffic something akin to the fifth circle of Hell, and as of this writing, close to a million citizens are still without power. But overall, we've dug in our heels. As a group, we simply refuse to believe that a pounding, relentless force of nature could in any way get the better of us.

In other words, we're all in denial. Which, in this particular situation, is probably healthy. It's keeping us productive.

Now, when I say we're all in denial, I'm not being facetious. The media is going on and on about how they've never seen a city come together and pitch in to facilitate recovery like we have, but truth be told, every last one of us is simply pretending it didn't happen:

"Wow, that was a really rough hurricane."

"What hurricane?"

"Um... the Category 2 hurricane that ripped through Houston last weekend."

"Ha ha! What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the hurricane. Were you out of town or something?"

"No, I've been here."

"Okay. Then you're fully aware that we just had a hurricane."

"You're obviously delusional. Although if you're not busy, could you help me lift this tree off of my wife? It seems to have fallen on her for no reason whatsoever."

So that's where we are. Our willful ignorance is getting our fair city back on track quite nicely, and that over-arching obliviousness makes me proud to be a Houstonian. And the easy access to decent Thai food. But mainly the obliviousness.


knottybynature said...

I sat out Alisha. I did skip out when Rita hit force 6 in the water - I had kids to worry about. But had I still lived in Houston, I'm pretty damn sure that I would have sit out Ike too.

I think it's weird - Houston's been through bigger ones than Ike. I don't recall such devastation in prior ones though.

My sister and mom still don't have power, but they're faring. My husband's grandfather is pulling up carpet and getting rid of stuff that got water damage. Life goes on.

Face it - Texans are tough. :)

Hurricane....what hurricane?

Lisa Adams said...

*snicker* Yeah that pretty much sums up what we've been seeing.