Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today I'd like to introduce MetaPagan, a collaboratively-edited listing of news stories and blogs relevant to the Pagan community. It's like a wire service. Only better.

If you're not already contributing, or only contribute occasionally (meaningful glances at Deborah, Diana, Grian, Thalia, Treecat, and... oh, what the hell, Apocrypha and Le Cornichon), I highly recommend getting involved. It's a great resource, so let's make the most of it.

Now get to blogging, pumpkins.


Yvonne said...

Thanks for the plug, Evn :)

Evn said...

It's quid pro quo. Thanks for promoting so many of my posts!

Deborah said...

It's got, like, code and shit.

And hello? Three blogs here. Three. Beat that with a stick.

Evn said...

But that's the beauty of it. You don't have to write posts specifically for MetaPagan--whenever you write something for your own blog(s) and think to yourself, "Hey, that's a mighty fine Pagan-themed post I just composed," you submit it. No extra blogginess required.

Or sometimes, the editors just put up links to blogs or posts they really enjoy. Which saves you the whole "code" thing.

Deborah said...

I spent, like an entire afternoon figuring out what RSS was. An entire afternoon. For RSS. This is patently insane.

So figuring out how to do Metapagan is going to be another afternoon, and I keep not doing it.


Evn said...

RSS feeds scare me. I just go directly to all the blogs I read every morning. It keeps me from getting frustrated and punching my computer.

Thalia said...

Yeah, I don't know. I'm really ambivalent about my blog being promoted, as it's really personal and I'm not actually an exhibitionist, just someone looking for a cheap alternative to therapy. So I don't know.

I mean it's fine when folks link to my blog or talk about it (I'm narcissistic enough to be curious, certainly) and I guess it would be okay if someone else who enjoyed my posts tagged them over at MetaPagan, but I just can't see doing it myself.

Or maybe I'm just lazy. Like I said, I don't know.

Evn said...

Ambivalence and/or laziness is totally understood and respected. But I can still give you meaningful glances, even if I don't have a particular reason for doing so.

[meaningful glance]

Grian/Lee said...

I have no excuse. All I have to do is click a link at the bottom of the post I like. So I accept your meaningful glance and throw you a raised eyebrow and a stuck out tongue. :) Time to compose something Meta-worthy.

Thalia said...

You're a good egg, Evn.

Robert said...

I sincerely appreciate that, coming as it does from someone whom I greatly admire.

[ed. note: Grian's cool, too: I just had a crazy weekend and didn't get the chance to respond to her last comment. But Grian = rock!]

Grian/Lee said...

Um thanks Robert. (Robert/Evn?) I added my latest post to MetaPagan just because of this post's warm and toasty kick in the arse.

Evn said...

Whoops. I stayed with my parents last night and checked e-mail on my dad's computer before bed. Looks like I accidently posted via his Google account.

-Evn (not Robert)

Thalia said...


Now we know your real name!
Now we know your real name!

So, can we call you Robbie? >:}

Evn said...


You can call me Robbie all you want, but like I said, I was logged in as my dad last night. Robert's his name.

I'll give you a hint, though: in some cultures, my legal name translates as "Vanquisher of Overgrown Cephalopods."


Thalia said...

Ah, my mistake.

So then your name is really Megalokalamareiphontes? Can I call you Mario? Or Meggie?

Evn said...

So then your name is really Megalokalamareiphontes?

It is now. Because that name ROCKS!

Can I call you Mario? Or Meggie?

To quote my favorite Disney film, "My friends call me Meg. At least they would if I had any friends."

('Cept I have friends. And they don't call me Meg. But you can.)

Thalia said...

Okay then, Meg. Glad you like the name. Not bad for mashed-together pseudo Greek, no?

Evn said...

Your mashed-together pseudo-Greek is truly a force to be reckoned with. :o)