Friday, May 16, 2008

Who loves ya, baby? Ganesha loves ya.

My CEO called me back to his office this afternoon for a quick meeting, and, remembering the Ganesha statue situated on one of his shelves, I decided to aim for some employer/employee bonding (read: kissing up) based on shared spirituality. Once we finished our discussion, I got up to leave, turned towards the statue and feigned delighted surprise: "Oh, hey! Ganesha!"

"Pardon me?" He looked confused, like he couldn't tell if I'd just sneezed or not.

"Ganesha," I repeated, pointing to the statue.

"Ah!" he replied, finally catching on. "So that's what that's called."

At some point, I need to accept the fact that not everyone has the same understanding of non-Christian religious symbols as I do. But at the same time, I can't imagine referring to a God as "that" unless That was really His name (Greek: Tehahte), which prompted me to keep talking.

"He's the Hindu elephant-headed God," I said, hoping I wasn't moving into one of those situations where I blurt out inappropriate things at the workplace. "He rules writing and travel. I keep Him on my desk, too."

The CEO actually thought that was pretty cool, so yay for Ganesha helping build corporate bridges. But unless the CEO comes bounding up to my desk and asks how to give proper puja, I think I'll try to keep our future conversations on the secular level.

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