Monday, April 07, 2008

Name Brand

Remember when I promised you guys a surprise? Check out what happens when you click on the following link:

It takes you right back here! Isn't that cool?

I thought about building a whole new Lover of Strife Web site, complete with multiple pages and whatnot, and then I figured I'd save a few bucks and just associate the domain name with my free-ass blog.

But either way, I'm top of the charts as the one and only Lover of Strife.

Who could ask for more?


Anne Johnson said...

You're the only one on record as being a Lover of Strife. There are quite a few Lovers of Strife who pretend to be spreading peace and democracy.

Three cheers to you for being open and honest! You should run for president.

Evn said...

Anne, you're the second person this week to suggest I go into politics.