Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tagged Again - Blog Review

While I was busy concocting my own meme tag, Diana nailed me with this little number.

1. Once tagged, write up short review for 5 blogs that you read regularly, including the blog of the person that tagged you.

2. Leave a comment tagging the blogs you’ve reviewed, telling them to continue the meme.

3. If someone writes a review of your blog, you must respond by writing a review of their blog (unless you’ve already written one).

4. After a few days, write a post compiling what all the other bloggers say about you, good or bad, true or untrue.

Diana’s Muse – A professional educator and devoted mother who also happens to be a High Priestess of the Strega, Diana’s the kind of person who makes me happy to be Pagan. She’s refreshingly down to earth about living a magical life, and her journal entries--from descriptions of her daily activities to the occasional directed diatribe--are infused with grace and wit. Summed up in one quote:

“Obviously the Gods are watching out for me, even though I forgot to do my morning rite on Saturday. Hey, I'm human. I wasn't feeling well after eating way too much spicy cheese dip Friday night. No need for further description.”

Audacia Muliebris – In addition to being one of my favorite Goddess-oriented individuals, Thalia is a true storyteller who can entertain as well as inspire (she is a Muse, after all). Her writings are vivid and engaging, and anyone as devoted to the Monkees as she is is A-OK in my book. Summed up in one quote:

“So as I was lying in bed last night, inspired but tired, and unable to decide what project I wanted to pick to do the next day, I asked him, ‘What should I do tomorrow?’ And he said: ‘Make passionate love to your life.’”

Bon Bons of Impertinence – When not organizing impromptu operas starring his stuffed toy collection, Le Cornichon saunters merrily through Bohemia, scandalizing the glitterati and generally having far more fun than is legally allowed in at least 30 states. Summed up in one quote:

“The breakfast had been ravaged by a group of surly neighborhood types, i.e. skinheads, bikers and the men and women that have that certain hybrid Goth-meets-Country-meets-Punk look I call ‘Wicca-Billy’-- it was all quite charming actually -- though I am sure the brioche and mini muffins knew then how the Sabine women felt.”

Fetch Me My Axe – Belle is strong, unashamed and not afraid to get angry, and she writes with one of the most appealing styles I’ve ever encountered. She can find the humor in any topic, while at the same time efficiently highlighting just how fucked-up our society really is. Summed up in one quote:

“GodDAM but the closet leads to some weird-ass places. And that ain't Narnia, neither.”

View From This Perch – Treecat is by far the most interesting person I know. Whether she’s writing about work, dinner with friends or traveling the world, she shares her unique perspective with just the right blend of wonder and cynicism. She’s also my lil’ pootie pie, although she’ll probably smack me for calling her that. Summed up in one quote:

“In Varvara, a few of the people in our group were making comments along the lines of - 'it feels like we're in a movie.' I knew that they thought they were saying something positive, but it really irked me. I had trouble coming up with how to explain why, but my sister got it – ‘It's like looking at a really amazing sunset and saying It looks like a picture!'

Honorable Mention: Apocrypha Jones – I called Apocrypha and said, “Meme tag! You’re it!” To which she responded, “Not until after tax season I’m not,” because even a postmodern occultist must occasionally dabble in the Dark Arts of payroll and bookkeeping. But when she does have time to post, she’s quite the bloody genius. Summed up in one quote:

“I’m weird, sure. Crazy, maybe. But I am not irrational.”


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