Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meme Crazy: Desk Edition

I love the meme tag phenomenon so gosh-darn much that I've decided to start my very own. It's simple, but it could be enlightening and/or lead to nostalgia.

Open up your desk drawers. Rummage about. List ten things you find there:

1. shampoo

2. twelve different varieties of tea

3. wooden novelty pen from Mexico, sporting a jaunty sombrero

4. page from my "Forgotten English" calendar, featuring a vivid description of starry-gazy-pie

5. very, very old citrus-flavored hemp lip balm

6. dish towel that I swear I've never seen before

7. tiny plastic monkey with an alligator clip on its head

8. Robert B. Parker novel

9. pencil sharpener shaped like a nose

10. lighter fluid

Now tag five people. For instance, I choose Deborah, Cosette, Sarah, Christopher and Le Cornichon (although Ann and Diana may both play, too).



Diana Luciano Grayfox said...

Ta tag! You're in on the blog review meme.

Evn said...


Georges said...

How can I play your weird game? My mom has perfume, incontinence pads, a bag of those horrid circus peanuts and a handgun in her desk.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Done!

Evn said...

Georges, you'd need a blog on which to post the various things you find in your desk.

Sight unseen, I'd say your mom is a serial killer.

Evn said...

Cosette: yay, good job! I'll check it out forthrightly.

Sionnach said...

Very well, I have left my meme-mark and passed it on to others. You know, I had an image meme that no one has yet to comment on. I think you would find it interesting.
Also, thank you much for the tip on Copper Sulfate, I had no idea. I really should read up on the stuff I use...
Which I normally do. This time, oddly enough when it would matter most, I didn't. I had it left over from a green-fire experiment a few years ago. I thought, Copper and not Copper Sulfate in my magical association without even considering the chemical stuff.
So, again, thank you for pointing that out to me!!


Evn said...

I did see the image meme on your blog. Unfortunately, the first word that came to mind pulled up some blatantly obvious photos in Google--not fun or intriguing at all. The second word that came to mind taught me an important lesson about making sure Safe Search is turned *on* when at the office.

Sionnach said...

Oh dear me...the first one seems obvious. Pan? I don't go by that one anymore.
The second? I look forward too. lol

Evn said...

It wasn't Pan, but good guess.

Sionnach said...

Now now, You're certainly not allowed to =not= post the images and then =not= give me clues, but still taunt me like this.
You've already done it a second time, so do not even tell me to go away. I'm well aware that my mother smells of elder berries.
So, what is it? Or at least a clue? Or post the images.

Evn said...


Code Name Sarah said...

Late to the party as always, I finally made my list today...

View it here.

Yargh. Tax season.