Friday, February 08, 2008

This just in: the Gods are bored

I'd like to introduce everyone to Anne: hilarious blogger from the upstate community of Snobville and all around nice gal, who recently referred to me as a "hoot."

Repeat, I'm a "hoot." Hoot!

Anne, meet the Strifemongers. Initiation into Strifemongerhood involves, among other things, kissing the Devil's buttocks and reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards.

Ha ha, just kidding! Probably!

Regardless, read Anne's blog. Evn commandeth it.


Anne Johnson said...

Is that the Protestant version of the Lord's Prayer, or the Catholic version? I get them mixed up, but I think both of them say "Deliver Us Some Evil."

Where I come from, it's the highest compliment to call someone a "hoot." Of course, I didn't grow up in Snobville. No one hoots in Snobville. Here I'd have to call you a "huit."

Evn said...

It's the Protestant version. And I'm glad I'm a Hoot, not a Huit. (Don't Polluit.)