Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Return from the Otherworld

I got back from PantheaCon late last night, exhausted and reeling and happier about Paganism than I've been in ages.

I'm planning on writing up a series of posts about the conference once I've had time to regroup and sort out the whole experience, so stay tuned, Loyal Strifemongers. In the meantime, and in homage to Deborah Lipp, I've compiled a sampling of...

Things You Only Hear at PantheaCon

"The difference is, that's science fiction, and this is religion."

"We're Witches. Why can't we get an elevator here faster?"

"Technically, she's a living vampire."

"I got invited to be initiated into the Illuminati, but I didn't bring anything black to wear."

"Wait! That cucumber's not consecrated."

"Your dog has the same coloring as the Welsh Hounds of Death."

"Third floor. Pirates."

"Nothing is ever the gryphon's fault."

"My cigarette papers are 100% flax, and the filters are biodegradable."

"We can use the top of the ice chest for geomancy!"

"Are the chipmunks conspiring to throw me in prison?"

"Tantric Ewok Wicca."

"I've been writing since I was nine years old. Well, not the gay porn: that's relatively new."

"The Goddess is so clever."

"I got lit up and was flaming for decades."


Diana Luciano Grayfox said...

"The Goddess is so clever" sounds like something Orion Foxwood might say. Did you happen to catch any of his workshops?

Code Name Sarah said...

I am founding Tantric Ewok Wicca even as I type this...

Evn said...

Aaahh! He did say that!

I saw Orion on a panel of Weiser Books authors, and he ran an amazing ritual on consecrating ancestral blood. Also, I crashed the GLBT hospitality suite and hung out with him a little there.

Evn said...

Sarah, remember that C-3P0 is the Bright God, Luke Skywalker in his Jedi uniform is the Dark God, and Princess Leia's various hairstyles represent the Triple Goddess.

Code Name Sarah said...

I cannot disagree with any of those things, but my question is now:
"How will Boba Fett fit into this?"

Also, am I spelling Boba Fett correctly? These things need to be done properly...

Evn said...

How will Boba Fett fit into this?

How should I know? You're the founder, missy.

(But you did spell it correctly.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should actually work instead of posting on their blog all day.

Evn said...

One would think. But I'm an excellent multi-tasker.

Diana Luciano Grayfox said...

Ha! That is *too* funny! I love that man. I consider him one of my highest regarded teachers.

Oh, and I love multi-tasking too ;-)

Evn said...

Diana, he probably won't remember me, but tell him I said hi.

treecat said...

Monday night I got to hear "What a cute sweet little black magician"

Evn said...

I love it! I wish I'd been there: this totally would've made it onto the list.