Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love Hurts

I pulled into my parking garage this afternoon to find an elderly couple literally doing the jitterbug. They would dance a few steps, embrace, make out, then pop back into their dance routine.

"Wow," I thought, watching the performance in my rearview mirror. "Even though public displays of affection are kind of unsettling, it's reassuring to see two people who still have so much passion for each other that late in their lives."

And then I drove into a pole.


Tiffany said...

a link to a link to a link and here I am. Didn't see that last line coming, hope all is OK

Evn said...

I'm fine, but the car is not speaking to me.

Red Delicious said...

So be it. Your new wheels had it too good for too long.

My verification word is beapuce. Somebody has a sick sense of humor.

Evn said...

Three out of four wheels still have it good. The fourth... remember that time, back in college, when you came home and thought I was dead? It kind of looks like that.

Red Delicious said...

I miss college.

I like the new pic at the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

Wow, well, glad you're ok at least.