Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Gods really DO listen!

Remember, back in the day, when I did horrible things to a rosary in a woefully futile attempt to create a set of Pagan prayer beads?

As if my anguish was carried on angel wings to the far reaches of Heaven, a well-known NeoPagan author put out a book called...

Pagan Prayer Beads.

Oh, mommy.

The book is all about (as you may have surmised) making your own Pagan prayer beads. And I'm reading it, and I'm looking long and hard at the illustrations, and I'm thinking... I can do this.

Granted, I've never beaded before, and beading involves a number of edged tools with which I could conceivably poke some serious eyes out, but really, I think I can do this.

Oh, and to make matters more intense: Jack caught me reading the book, and he got this kissably cute smile on his face, enhanced by some painfully adorable puppy-dog eyes, and he was all, "Are you beading now? Are you going to make something for me?"

Stupid effective puppy-dog eyes. Grrr.

So now, I have to do this. Results and insurance claims to be posted forthrightly.

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