Monday, December 03, 2007

Bang head on desk, repeat as necessary

Here’s how things go in Texas.

A new guy joins one of the statewide message boards. He gives a polite, friendly introduction, offers some insight into his personal belief system, and explains that while his faith does have some Judaic influences, it’s an earth-based spirituality and he is very much a Pagan. He hopes he’ll be welcome, and he’s happy to be on the list.

I swear I’m not making this next part up.

A feisty young lass posts a response to his intro. She’s read what he has to say about his practice, and [direct quote] “It seems very Christian to me.” She expresses some lovely vitriol regarding those nasty, dogmatic Christians and where she’d like them to go, but asserts that she’s very glad he doesn’t “think of Pagans as evil Hellbound people who should be burned at the stake.”

She says this to a fellow Pagan.

Welcome. We’re so fucking happy you’re here.

Are we already that far gone? Have we already devolved to that level of ignorance and paranoia? Are we so blinded by self-righteousness that we’re ready to start accusing people of belonging to the “wrong” religion, regardless of their circumstances? Or perhaps, because of their circumstances?

Doesn’t this sound a wee bit too familiar?


Deborah said...

We are easier to find than we used to be. Therefore the ignorant and nasty find us easily. When we were all Hidden Childreny, we weeded those people out.

Evn said...

Bleh. Makes me want to dive back into the broom closet and chain the door shut. (But I'll have a secret password and extra key for any Pagans who get persecuted as Christians.)

Anonymous said...

IMO, every religion / spiritual path attracts it's share of asshats, wackos, and total idiots... Sadly, that includes our own.


The Amityville Ghost said...

I tried to post a comment here earlier, but for some reason it didn't work. (It's too bad, because my earlier comment was a much more clever than this one.) But anyhoo, excellent post Evn. This is something that every religious community has to struggle with, and Pagans are no exception. Unfortunately, bigotry is an equal-opportunity employer.

Evn said...

Cynthia & Amity: as much as it sucks that we have bigots and asshats infesting the Pagan community, it's good that we can be aware of it. One of the biggest threats (I think) to NeoPaganism is the idealism of "This will never happen to us."