Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And really, it would take a miracle

Nothing helps a dull day at the office whiz by faster than spontaneous theatre. For example, my assistant and I received rave reviews this morning after our improvisational rendition of The Miracle Worker. He gave a breakthrough performance as Annie Sullivan, while I was an acting tour de force as our company's IT director.

"Kind...ness," my assistant said firmly, grasping my hand and tapping the palm. "Kindness. Kindess!"

"Wah!" I responded, arms flailing and eyes rolling wildly.

"Kindness!" (Tap tap tap.)

Waaah!" (Flail flail.)

We're expecting a Tony nomination any day now. Or to be fired for insubordination. Whichever.


I Make a Tasty Sauce, Too said...

I think your office is more of an Off-Broadway environment, but never fear! You can still win a Drama Desk and an Obie!

You should do LITTLE ME next.

Evn said...

I had no clue who this was until you referenced "Little Me."

Nice try at anonymity, Red Delicious. Back to the minors with ye.

Minor keys, that is. Poor Pierrot, I hear him yet... (boom boom).

Anonymous said...

Do you ever break into song? I had a RENT moment once.

Evn said...

I break into song so often that song had to put up security bars.