Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hey, you know what I never did?

Give the answer to my meme tag post from awhile back, that's what.

I did the whole meme tag thing because Deborah told me to, and I'll pretty much do anything she says, on account of just try to find me a better online guru*. She goes camping more than I do, which means that if we ended up lost in the woods together, she'd take the time to figure out which plants are edible, while I'd eat the first berries I saw and immediately go into anaphylactic shock.

But I digress.

#2 is false. I never used Witchcraft to put a curse on a middle-school science teacher... in fact, I stole the idea from a Japanese horror movie called Misa The Dark Angel.

I hope everyone's relieved that the Wait for the Truth is finally over. I know I am.

*Oh, and I also know that when I said "find me a better online guru," several Strifemongers gestured meaningfully at Dave Lieberman.

Please. What Dave and I have is purely physical.

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