Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Drowning in tears of helpless laughter

The members of one of the 3.5 billion listservs to which I subscribe have been denouncing a couple of well-known NeoPagan authors as "dogmatic" and "intolerant." I wish I could muster up some righteous indignation, but (a.) the authors in question have survived way worse; (b.) nothing I post in response would make any difference, since the people waving the pitchforks think I'm dogmatic and intolerant, too; and (c.) the whole situation strikes me as so comically absurd that I can't stop giggling.

Every time I think I've gotten the mirth under control, some fresh new Mollierian twist rears its ignorant head. Last time I checked in, various members were spouting generalizations about the State of NeoPaganism in the World Today, unknowingly quoting the same authors they were condemning moments before.

I want to chime in and point this out, but again with the giggles.


Deborah said...

You simply MUST fork over the details.

Evn said...

Details forked. Check your e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I KNOW you're gonna email me the details.

Evn said...

I'll see what I can throw together for ya.