Tuesday, May 29, 2007

La Vie Boheme, Justice Style

Proving once again that Jesus is kind of embarrassed about most of His followers, milquetoast dominatrix and o-ffical Idiot of the Year Laura Mallory lost yet another court battle.

Y'know, I gotta say, she's plucky. She's got resolve. She's wrong on so many levels, and yet she just. Keeps. Trying.

So here's to you, Laura Mallory. You keep reaching for that rainbow. In the meantime, watch this; and, with my blessing, please do cry yourself to sleep. Or go fuck yourself. Whichever fits better into your personal belief system.

1 comment:

Corvine said...

Is she still trying? I heard about her a year or two ago and thought that she would have given up by now. Oh and thanks for the link to La Vie Boheme HP style. That was brilliant!