Sunday, April 15, 2007

The ranch dressing kept evaporating

Deborah put up several intriguing posts on the dreams she's had lately. Generally, I don't remember my dreams--I know that something vivid happened while I was sleeping, but that's about it. This morning, though, I woke up realizing that I could recall most of the details of last night's REM-inspired hallucinations.

Here's what happened:

Jack decided to clean our apartment while I was over at a friend's house, attempting to craft ritual tools out of a mixture of beeswax and ranch dressing. When I returned home, I discovered that the large wooden cabinet that serves as our entertainment center was gone. He explained that he left it out by the dumpster because our cats had scratched it up too much. I started to get angry, but then I noticed the two adorable miniature warthog/howler monkey hybrids he'd picked up as pets. They were supposed to be vicious, but one of them was very sweet towards me.

Leaving my new little friends behind, I went off to the theatre, because I'd been cast as a chorus member in a very short musical set in the 1700's, starring my boss as the crazed, invalid socialite. I did very well in the Saturday night performance, but I missed my entrance during the Sunday matinee. After the show I went swimming, even though there was this new Web site out that rewrote your personal reality when you logged onto it. I added a link to this site from my site, thereby saving the day, then swam some more.

Suddenly, the scene switched back to my living room, where I witnessed one of my cats jumping off our balcony after a bird. This startled me awake.

Perhaps I shouldn't spend any more leisurely afternoons hanging out with Discordians. It's apparently contagious.


Code Name Sarah said...

Dude, the other day I totally dreamt that I owned a freakin' villa and everybody kept calling me "vicomte." I went strolling through the halls and the grounds with some courtiers, and I kept waving the servants out of my way with this particularly annoying royal wave.

Okay, that's weird enough. But I was still a GIRL and they were all using "sir" and the masculine royal title "vicomte." So that's one thing. Oh, and we were all in normal modern clothing, except that I had really awesome fancy shoes.

But the really weird part was that I had a courtier visiting from somewhere else, and at the end of the dream I gave him directions to the nearest Denny's.


And then I waved him off in that annoying way, apparently to go have a really bad breakfast.


(Remind me to demonstrate the wave for you -- you'll love it.)

Deborah said...

I want to hear more about the shoes.