Friday, April 06, 2007

Home Page Sweet Home Page

I got bored, so I built a new Web site.



Red Delicous said...

I am such an oppurtunist. Here I was all ready to comment on how I thought skunk and goat sounded like one of those old cartoons from the nineteen teens that would star in shorts with titles like "Feelin' Fine" or "All's Okeydoke" and then I started thinking "Thomas builds websites? We should talk about Town Center Theatre."

Well, now. We SHOULD talk about Town Center Theatre, but only if you want to, and only when you feel like it. In the meantime, skunk and goat will be starring in "Pleasant Day Revue."

Oh, and my verification word is "offbut." Hilarity

Evn said...

Well, to be fair, I didn't build it per se--I'm just really good at making Web templates do what I want them to.

But yeah, let's discuss this. It'll be the bee's knees.