Saturday, April 07, 2007

Et Tu, Curator?

Some fellow Witches and I went to check out the Imperial Rome exhibit currently gracing the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We entered through the Hall of Emperors, featuring busts of various world-dominating authority figures (turns out Titus was totally hot), and then wandered through alcoves where sarcophagi, amphorae and statues of the Gods are thoughtfully arranged.

Overall, it was cool, except that a bunch of the God statues were labeled incorrectly. Which, to my idealistic lil' Pagan brain, amounted to light blasphemy.

Examples? Bien súr.

There was a Herm (a border marker carved in the likeness of Hermes) listed as Pan; a statue of Bacchus marked as Eros; and to complete the circuit, a sculpture of Janus denoted as Hermes. Granted, these weren't major, life-threatening mistakes or anything... but at the same time, if an average schmo off the street with only Trivial Puruit-level knowledge of classical mythology can pick out discrepancies, something's rotten in the state of Museumland.

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