Monday, December 25, 2006

I've been Tagged! It BURNS...

So Deb Lipp meme-tagged me, which in some primitive cultures means I'm officially her youngest and most insolent wife. While you're chewing on that, try to figure out which four of the following five biographical tidbits are true:

1) I’m a consummate and chronic Yenta. However, Jack has forbidden me to match-make ever again, on account of how embarrassed he was when we attended a chic gay social event, and I attempted to fix one of the Fab Five up with a beefy heterosexual paramedic.

2) In 7th Grade, a friend and I found a book on Witchcraft at the library, and we tried to use it to put a curse on our science teacher. The next day, he went home due to sudden and violent illness (later determined to have been food poisoning). We swore we’d never practice Witchcraft again.

3) I totally made out with the Ghost of Christmas Past.

4) When we were kids, my twin brother levitated on two separate occasions. The second incident was witnessed by our elementary school art teacher, who was so freaked out that she immediately called my mother. They stayed friends for 10 years.

5) I have received numerous awards for my renditions of Disco and R&B hits. Most recently, I was recognized for my performances of “I Will Survive” and “Tell Me Something Good,” neither of which took place in a karaoke bar. I’ve just got that much soul.

And with that, I tag Apocrypha Jones, Ted Walker, and that guy who writes “The Wild Hunt.”


Deborah said...

If in fact four of these are true, then #5 is false. :)

Apocrypha Jones said...

Yep, #5 is false.

See, you could have tricked some people with #3 -- but I know better.

I can't stand that Ghost.

And I have heard your R & B (which is just fine, if not recognized with awards).

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if your brother still occasionally levitates in his sleep or something. Does his wife complain that he floats above his covers? FOUR FEET above his covers?

Yeah, yeah. No Dana here, only Zuul -- or so my mobile phone claims...


Evn said...

Good guesses, guys! Except #5 is actually true.

Apocrypha, considering that you and I took 1st place in Readers' Theatre at a state competition, bopping across a stage together and singing "Toot Toot, Hey, Beep Beep," I'm really surprised you missed this. And weren't you at Helios the night I won a poetry slam with "Disco Nipple"?

For shame. Real tears, here.

Ted said...

What the hell is a "tag"?

Evn said...

Meme-tagging means that you've been tapped to post 5 stories about yourself on your blog, and your readers try to guess which one is true. Then you tag other bloggers to do the same thing. It's fun! And... um, fun!