Friday, October 06, 2006

Organizing Strife for Maximum Digestability

Blogger is quickly becoming my bitch, resulting in nifty new categories for archived posts. Here's a rundown:

Assorted Occultism - Experiences that can't be adequately explained by coincidence or intoxication.

Crooked Paths - General misadventures in religion and spirituality.

Cube Farm Antics - There's very little I won't put up with to keep my health insurance.

Metablogginess - Blogging about blogging.

Production Notes - A catalogue of my various artistic endeavors.

The Junk Drawer - A catchall, just like the one in your kitchen; oddments, rubber bands, and random thoughts that don't make no nevermind, as my grandmother would say (if she talked like that).

The Scoop - Headline news, with colorful commentary provided by moi at no additional cost.

Witch Trials - Wiccan/NeoPagan rants and tribulations.

Your Gay Neighbor - Man on man action, but mainly just tales of Jack and me doing domesticated couple stuff.

Enjoy! Run around double-clicking until you fall down and your fingers bleed.