Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Online Omniscience

The Notorious RD just sent me an article about fundamentalist turkey vulture Laura Mallory, not realizing that I'd already cut n' pasted her onto my "I Hate You" list. I explained that I get Wicca-related news stories sent to my e-mail via Google Alerts, which prompted the following response:


Google Alert! Dear Mr. EVN WHITAKER,

You may be outraged and amused by the following news story:

Harry Potter Wants to Turn Kids into Wiccans.

Would you like to view this spectacle of ignorance? YES NO


My friends are cool.


Yvonne Rathbone said...

Hey now, don't be hating on turkey vultures.

Evn said...

I'm only hating on fundamentalist turkey vultures. Mystic Christian turkey vultures are fine by me.

Rojo McTasty said...

"Very sincerely yours, the All-knowing Odengobble."

I'm notorious now? Sweet.