Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hogwarts my eye

There is a school in Salem, Massachusetts called Witchcraft Heights Elementary.

This just may be... wait, wait, let me check... yes, this is the Greatest. Thing. Ever.

If the universe does in fact keep itself in balance, and I went to a private Christian elementary school called All Saints, then it stands to reason that back when he was a kid, an alumnus of Witchcraft Heights waited for his parents to go to bed every night so that he could read his Catechism and the novels of Flannery O'Connor.


The Pragmatic Cadaver said...

And that young boy's name... Fr. Callam.

Evn said...

You know what's really weird? I went to high school with one of the chaplains. I got shitfaced for the first time at one of his parties. I accidentally broke a fence.

And now he's married to Jesus.